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My Adventure in therapy

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I originally created and used this journal to track my progress in therapy. I still use this lj for that purpose, but am pleased with how this journal has evolved. It is also a place where i can be raw, real, scared, and honest. It has a great deal of typos and spelling errors.

Now, if I added you recently, you are here because you know me from my other journal. I decided that i wanted my therapy/emotional documentation seperate from my regular journal.

'i'm not smart enough', 6 months, ambien, anti-medication, anxiety disorder, art, blythe for comfort, boerum hill, breakdown, breathing, brooklyn, cbt, child abuse, clinical studies, co-pay, cognitive therapy, columbia medical center, core beliefs, depression, distrust, doubt, drowning, emotional manipulation, et cetera, feeling inadequate, gad, generalized anxiety disorder, girls, handkerchiefs, hiding love, im worried that, index cards, infj, intj, issues, kink friendly, long term goals, mbt, mind over mood book, mindfulness, monday, new york city, not wanting to change, oxford insurance, park slope, planning my weeks, polyamory, pro-active, redefining myself, reflecting, reiki, resistance, san francisco, saving myself, searching for home, self deprecation, self injury, sewing on paper, sexuality, taking care of myself, tea, thermostat effect, thought records, thoughts, tired lj entries, too quiet, trying to clean, unlearning behaviors, wanting to disappear, working for the gay, worksheets, writing letters

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