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for the record... [Jan. 27th, 2004|12:43 pm]
the first 2 entries

03:20pm 26/01/2004
At my thrid session, i was given a workbook

Mind over Mood

I finished the first chapter and am filling out a work sheet...i will copy it here later

Some background
02:54pm 26/01/2004
A very straight forward entry. No poetry. This filter is not going to have lovely words or poetic phrases, though i do believe i am capable of both

I found Christine f. through my friend A____. Miss A has been going to this therapist for 2 years now and i have heard many a ....oooo my therapist said this that i know is right, but oh it angers me so. Mostly, it seems like she has been helpful. This past autumn, my depression reached a point that i no longer felt safe being by myself. I took field trips to my A's place of work, and sat there all day doing nothing for over 7 hours. Afterwards, we went out for comfort food (heaping bowls of pasta..yum) The following was said: 'You cannot come and sit at my job for 8 hours and then say that nothing is wrong.' She suggesed that i call her therapist, but would not give me the phone number. She wanted to wait until I could call with A's supervision.

A couple of weeks later, i went to class, and just cried. I sat in my classes and cried and large puddles of tears wet the desks for i did not bring out my paper or books. I walked out of my Math Class and called Miss J. My message, i was going to go away for a while. Paris or New York, but i didnt tell her either destination. She told me to hold out and that she would call me later on that evening. During the day, A gave J (they are best friends) her therapist's phone number. J gave me her number and i promised i would call.

I ended up dropping a class and taking 2 incompletes last semster.

After a week of phone tag, christine and i arranged a time to meet. She felt that cognative therapy would be beneficial for me, and we set up to start meeting weekly in january.

i goto therapy on wednesdays